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We like to keep our clients updated with the latest news and views from the Veterinary World. 

These are for informaton only and not the views of the Mewes Vets.

Appeal for homes after 21 Chihuahuas are rescued February 23, 2014
Follow this link to read the article in the Mid SussexTimes [MORE]

Keep calm about killer disease January 30, 2014
Keep calm about killer disease You may have heard or read about a new mystery disease which has killed 13 dogs in the UK. There has been some media... [MORE]

Loving Vet Nurses save Milly January 02, 2014
Loving Vet Nurses save Milly the Retriever in  Christmas Miracle Family pet, Milly the Golden retriever, 12, was struck down by a mystery ailm... [MORE]

Is your pet scared of load noises December 10, 2013
If your pet is scared of loud noises, be prepared Some pets are unbothered by fireworks, and gun dogs cope with guns blaring all around them. But f... [MORE]

Keeping pets out of trouble this Christmas December 05, 2013
Keep your mischievous pets out of trouble this Christmas  In all the excitement of Christmas your pets can soon become mischievous. Don&rsquo... [MORE]

The Wet and muddy battle of autumn December 04, 2013
The wet and muddy battle of autumn is here As the days shorten and autumn approaches, the long battle with mud resumes for us dog walkers. The in... [MORE]

Life Begins at 7 December 02, 2013
Ensure your pet lives a longer, healthier and happier life by attending the Life Begins @ 7 Club As our pets get older their bodies begin to change... [MORE]

Find Your Perfect Pooch November 18, 2013
Find your perfect pooch at Discover Dogs As a vet, people often ask me what the right breed of dog is for their lifestyle. I am always happy to he... [MORE]

Local vet practice raises 230 for animal charity Nowzad at Town Day event November 12, 2013
Local vet practice raises £230 for animal charity Nowzad at Town Day event   A Haywards Heath veterinary practice raised £230 ove... [MORE]

Dog Show on Bank Holiday Monday April 23, 2013
  Calling all dogs! We are having a fun dog show on May 6th, Bank Holiday Monday, at the Recreation Ground, Cuckfield, as part of The Cucko... [MORE]

Is there something lurking in your home? January 20, 2013
A lot of pet owners believe their pets can't get fleas in the winter months, but this is simply not the case.  If you are one of these owners y... [MORE]

Protect your pets during icy spell February 03, 2012
We are being warned about the big freeze, but as pet owners we also have a responsibility to keep our pet's safe and warm.  We all know that ... [MORE]

New Pet Travel Scheme rules December 08, 2011
The new Defra Pet Travel Scheme rules take effect from the 1st January 2012 making it easier to travel abroad with your pet. Check out the Defra we... [MORE]

Scanning Zebras November 07, 2011
For scientists tracking zebras, point and shoot now involves a camera instead of a tranquilizer gun.  That's because they can now use those dis... [MORE]

New Screening Scheme for Syringomyelia October 01, 2011
The BVA has announced that a new scheme to screen dogs for chiari-like malformation (CM) and syringomyelia (SM) is to begin in January 2012, having ... [MORE]

Hedgehogs - The Big Sleepover September 18, 2011
September is the month when one of our favourite wild creatures, the hedgehog, prepares for the 'big sleep'.  It must build up fat st... [MORE]

New Pet Travel Rules update August 19, 2011
Further to Defra's announcement concerning the new rules on pet travel (see our article on 13th July, 2011) The British Veterinary Association have ... [MORE]

Warning over internet advice August 19, 2011
The Blue Cross is warning pet owners of the dangers of following healthcare advice on websites after treating a cat that was accidentally poisoned b... [MORE]

Changes to Pet Travel Scheme July 13, 2011
DEFRA have announced changes to the Pet Travel Scheme from January 1st 2012. To find out how this will affect you and your pet click here.   ... [MORE]

Lily Poisoning: Prevention & Treatment against Cat Killer July 07, 2011
Lily poisoning appears to have become one of the most common poisoning in UK cats over the past few years.  This reflects the increasing popula... [MORE]

Adder Attacks July 06, 2011
There has been recent coverage in the National Press concerning Adder attacks: "Vets have reported an increase in attacks, saying the hot weather h... [MORE]

Raising Awareness of Feline Kidney Disease June 11, 2011
Bayer Animal Health has launched a campaign to educate pet owners about the prevalence of chronic renal disease (CRD) in ageing cats.  The camp... [MORE]

DEFRA: Protecting Pets in Hot Weather June 11, 2011
DEFRA is urging pet owners to take extra care in protect their pets from the summer heart and to take steps to ensure their welfare. In a statement... [MORE]

Coat To Keep Dogs Cool June 11, 2011
Prestige Pets has made available the Cool-Coat, intended to keep dogs cool in the heat of the summer.  For more information click here. ... [MORE]

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