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Lost Pets

We appreciate that it can be a very distressing time when a pet goes missing.  We offer the following advice to try and reunite you and your pet.

When losing a cat, we advise you to check in all the local garages, garden sheds etc. as they can easily be locked in without the owners knowing.

We do advise identichipping your pet so that if it should go missing you can be traced quickly. It is a legal requirement that all dogs have a collar and disk.

For both dogs and cats we recommend you contact the local RSPCA, Cats Protection, police station, dog warden, local newspaper and veterinary practices to advise them you have lost a pet and to check if they have any matching the description. You can also make up posters and place these in the local vicinity.  

Give us a call if you have lost a pet and we will keep the details in case someone finds a pet just like yours.

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Found Pets

Should you find a stray pet, ask around the local area to check it does not live locally. We advise you bring it to the surgery see we can check to see if it has an identichip. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to keep them at the surgery but suggest you contact the local RSPCA, Cats Protection, police station, dog warden, local newspaper and veterinary practices.

Give us a call if you have found a pet, we may be able to match it to a lost one!

We offer a local service of advertising lost and found pets in our waiting room. Please contact the surgery should you wish to advertise an animal.


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