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At The Mewes we are very fortunate to have highly skilled and experienced nurses, who provide excellent support for our veterinary surgeons, reception staff and, most importantly, for you and your pet.

Our nurses offer one to one clinics, where you can bring your pet to discuss your concerns with them. They will give advice on worming, flea treatments, nutrition, weight, dental care and much, much more.

Just contact us to make an appointment.

Post-operative checks **
We usually like to see animals a few days after an operation to make sure their recovery is going as planned. The nurses check all the routine procedures. If they are at all worried by a recovery they will always get one of our vets to check.

Weight Control clinics *
In the UK it is estimated that almost 50% of dogs and 25% of cats are obese (meaning over 15% more than they should weigh). This can lead to many problems, which include joint and arthritis disorders, heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes and general deterioration in overall health.  We will assess your pet's weight and body score and suggest a target weight. We can then formulate a diet and exercise plan suited to your lifestyle and your pet's needs.  Regular weight checks help to monitor your pet's progress.  Click here to download a Body Condition Chart to assess your pet.

Please click here to read some of the feedback we have had from clients who have attended our Weight Control clinics.

Mobility Clinics *
Like humans, the majority of animals get stiff or painful joints as they get older and may need therapy to ease the pain and increase their mobility. Any reduction in willingness to exercise, play or intereact, as well as signs of stiffness or lameness, are a potential sign of arthritis. We can offer solutions to relieve these symptoms, which may include joint supplements and a change in diet.  Check our Mobility Score cards to help determine how mobile your dog or cat is.

Dental checks
Just like our own, our pet's teeth need regular attention. There are many options from tooth brushing to convenient dental treats. At these clinics we are able to demonstrate dental care for your pet. Click for more information about dental disease and tips on toothbrushing techniques.

Worming and Flea checks *
Worming and flea checks are free of charge to registered clients who have difficulty administering the treatments. We find that animals not only benefit from regular effective worming and flea treatment, but also enjoy coming to see us on a regular basis for cuddles, helping to establish the vets clinic as a place of excitement that they are not afraid to visit.  All you pay for is the medication.

Post-Neutering checks *
When pets are neutered, hormonal changes occur causing your pet’s metabolic rate to fall, which can lead to your pet gaining weight. We believe prevention is better than cure so post neutering weight checks are free to all pets neutered at The Mewes Veterinary Clinic. Three months post neutering we invite you to bring your pet back to The Mewes for a free weight check with our nurses. Small changes are usually all that is required to help your pet have a happy and healthy life.

Grooming and de-matting
Regular grooming is essential to prevent hair balls, digestive upsets and, in rabbits, flystrike. Our nurses are on hand to help with grooming and dematting.  This is not intended to provide a full cosmetic clip: instead the nurse will tidy your pet's coat and remove any significantly matted areas. The nurse can also advise on grooming procedures to be carried out at home.

Please note that your pet will need to be with us for the whole day, as some pets may need to be sedated for dematting.

Rabbit care *
Rabbit's are the third most popular pet in the UK and our nurses offer Rabbit Care clinics to keep your bunny healthy and help you to understand his/her needs.  Click here for more information about looking after your rabbit.

Nail clipping
Our nurses are on hand to help with nail clipping. 

Ear cleaning
If it has been recommended by your vet that regular ear cleaning is necessary, our nurses will be able to clean and check them for free, as well as performing a general health and weight check. Alternatively, the nurse can demonstrate so that you can confidently clean them at home.

*  These clinics are free of charge. We only charge for medication or products used.

** Most post-operative checks are free of charge.

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