Our Vet and Nursing Team

Julia OperatingWe employ a variety of highly trained staff at the Mewes Vets. To practise as a Veterinary Surgeon, our vets have studied and received internationally recognised qualifications to be accepted as Members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MsRCVS). This permits them to administer anaesthetics to animals, perform surgical procedures and prescribe appropriate medications after achieving a diagnosis. All 3 of our regular vets are studying towards or have recently achieved an even higher level of qualification beyond the simple Veterinary Surgeon qualification: Julia holds 2 Certificates now. One in Veterinary Radiology, the other achieved in 2011 in Small Animal Medicine. Jean recently studied for and was awarded her Certificate in Feline Medicine, and Angie is working towards another Acupuncture award.

kate monitoring anaethesticNot to be outdone, our Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) Laura, India, Denise and Sarah hold the internationally recognised qualification awarded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons allowing them to put RVN after their names. They have earned the right to assist the Vets by taking blood samples, placing intravenous catheters, and urinary catheters, giving intramuscular injections, monitoring anaesthetics, caring for and nursing in-patients, maintaining intravenous fluid therapy, and performing minor surgery such as a skin biopsy or removing a wart under general anaesthetic or sedation.

Laura is also a qualified Pet Health Councillor and Clinical Coach. India holds Cert II in Animal Studies and is a Veterinary Nutritional Advocate.

We also employ Student Veterinary Nurses who can perform all the tasks an RVN can perform, as long as they are under the close supervision of a Veterinary Surgeon or an RVN. As a Training Practice we ensure that our Student Veterinary Nurses are gradually taught all the many tasks that they will need to be able to perform once they qualify.

We are also fortunate to have Nikki (Practice Manager) who has years of experience in the Veterinary Profession after having completed the training course and initial exams, but never sat the  final examinations to qualify as an RVN due to a riding accident. Nikki holds the Honorary title of ‘Senior Nurse’. Nikki has been especially trained to undertake specific tasks to support our clients, but is not permitted to perform the roles listed above that RVNs may perform. 

All our RVNs, Student Veterinary Nurses and Senior Nurses provide Nurse’s Clinics where they can clip your pet’s claws, change bandages, weigh your pet, provide flea and worm advice, offer support when your pet’s mobility becomes reduced, offer advice on the correct nutrition for your pet, and its weight management, offer advice on keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy, provide follow up on nutrition after neutering, and post-operative health checks, remove sutures, administer subcutaneous injections on the vet’s prescription, administer medications by mouth, and ear cleaning or ear treatments and eye medications, groom and dematt pets whose coats are out of control, de-fluff ears and paws, offer advice on bringing up well behaved pets, and guidance for those whose behaviour is not acceptable, collect voided urine samples, insert a microchip, advise about rabbit or other exotic pet husbandry and care, fit buster collars and prevent wound interference, and run puppy parties. All our staff can advise you on Pet Insurance, and are regulated by the FSA, having undertaken PIA training regularly.

Continuing Professional Development is the term we use for ongoing training. All our staff regularly go on courses, attend meetings, read journals and visit conferences in order to keep ourselves up to date with new developments in our profession so that we can bring you the very best care for your pets. Our CPD records are monitored as part of our accreditation as a Training Practice and under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.


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