Pet Passports

  • More and more of us are choosing to bring our pets with us on our travels. Like you, your pet needs documentation proving that they are eligible to travel. This proof comes in the form of a Pet Passport!

    In order to apply for a Pet Passport you must meet the entry requirements for your pet (dog, cat or ferret) for the country you’re going to or coming from.

    When you enter or return to the UK from another country, your pet needs to meet the entry requirements. These include:

    • Microchip
    • Rabies vaccination*
    • Pet Passport or third country official veterinary Certificate
    • Tapeworm Treatment (dogs only)

    *Animals must be at least 12 weeks old if vaccinated for travel purposes, and you must wait 21 whole days from the date of the rabies vaccination before travelling.

    You must also use an approved transport company and route unless you’re travelling between the UK and the Republic of Ireland (all other rules still apply).

    Please note that the passport issuing process can take up to 1 month. Bear this in mind before making your travel arrangements.

    If you would like more information about the requirements your pet must meet to travel, or to begin the process of acquiring a passport for your pet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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